Endometriosis, and fibroids, and pcos, OH MY!

It’s more than just “hard periods”

Just take birth control and that will help…

Just take Metformin and lose some weight…

Just take some ibuprofen to manage the pain…

Just get a hysterectomy. That’s really all we can do to stop the bleeding…

When you’re living with a chronic pelvic condition, “just,” is a curse word.

Endometriosis. Adenomyosis. Fibroids. PCOS.

You want to scream at your doctor, “there’s no just about this!”

We don’t talk enough about periods (or the lack thereof) and the struggles that come with them. You might have been bold enough to bring it up to a doctor who was dismissive, or maybe even downright gaslighting, about your concerns.

You’ve probably been told, “you just have hard periods.”

“Cramps” seems like an insufficient word for the intense, pulling, can’t-walk-right now, crazy-making pain.

It seems like your uterus is angry and bleeding is unpredictable. Mood swings are just the beginning.

Worst of all- you feel like something is wrong with you as a woman because of these issues.


I hear you. I am you. 

Embarrassing bleed-through? Been there. Let’s talk about it. 

Can’t-get-through-the-day-fatigue? Yep. Let’s discuss.

Therapy can be the place to process any, or all, of it.

I’m here to talk you through advocating for yourself in doctor’s appointments.

To process the grief of fertility struggles and loss.

To walk with you through the decision to pursue a hysterectomy and what life looks like on the other side.

I can also give you strategies to manage pain, soothe your nervous system, and learn to make peace with your body.

Living with pelvic pain and reproductive conditions can feel so overwhelming. In our sessions, we can talk about anything. We can talk about worries around not being “normal”, grief for the life you thought you would have, and the overwhelm of juggling your health with your other obligations. We can also talk about the things you might feel embarrassed about: painful sex, poop problems, or feeling lazy (read: the overwhelming exhaustion).

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