Learn to love your body… even when it feels like it doesn’t love you.

Therapy for Women with Chronic Pelvic Pain

It’s not “all in your head.”

As many as 1 in 7 women suffer from chronic pelvic pain. But we don’t talk about pelvic pain the way we talk about back pain, asthma, and other chronic conditions…

Suffering with chronic pelvic pain can lead to depression and anxiety and can change your brain in ways that make the pain worse.

When dealing with pelvic conditions and pain, we often start limiting our lives in ways that make us even more unhappy.

“Cramps” seems like an insufficient word for the intense, pulling, can’t walk right now crazy-making pain. It seems like your uterus is angry and bleeding is unpredictable. Mood swings are just the beginning.

Worst of all you feel like something is wrong with you as a woman…

Living with pelvic pain and reproductive conditions can feel so isolating and overwhelming. But you don’t have to do it alone. I hear you. I am you.  

Therapy for Chronic Pelvic Pain

In our sessions, we can talk about anything. We can talk about worries around not being “normal”, grief for the life you thought you would have, and the overwhelm of juggling your health with your other obligations. We can also talk about the things you might feel embarrassed about: painful sex, poop problems, or feeling lazy (read: the overwhelming exhaustion). The pain isn’t just “in your head,” but the things you will learn in our work together will help you cope with the pain.

Using a variety of strategies (education, therapy, relaxation and hypnosis), we will develop a plan to help manage pain, soothe your nervous system, and learn to make peace with your body. Get started here.

Online Therapy for Women with Chronic Illness

Therapy for Women Living with Chronic Illness

You didn’t sign up for this…

You had a plan for your life and it didn’t include a chronic illness or disability. 

You’ve kept pressing on, but you’re struggling to see the way forward with pain, fatigue, and (what feels like) endless doctors’ appointments. Outwardly, it might seem like you’re managing, but people don’t always see, or appreciate, the toll it’s taking on you. 

Day after day you keep pushing yourself to take care of everyone and everything. You dread the idea of letting anyone know you’re having a hard time keeping up with it all.

You’re secretly terrified of being a burden on your loved ones and you don’t know how to maintain your relationships because you can’t ask for the support you need.

Trying to manage your emotional needs on top of your physical ones can feel like too much. Worse, you know if you don’t manage your stress, it will probably make you sick! 

Therapy can be a weekly time dedicated to you. Together, we can explore your feelings around living with a chronic condition, and start building a more positive relationship with your body. We can talk about ways to advocate for yourself in your doctor’s appointments, and how to communicate your needs to stay connected with those around you.  We can process any fears you might have about not being, “normal,” and find the steps you want to take toward the life you’ve always wanted to be living. Click here to get started today.

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