chronic pelvic pain

It’s not “all in your head”

therapy for chronic pelvic pain

As many as 1 in 7 women suffer from chronic pelvic pain.

But we don’t talk about pelvic pain the way we talk about back pain, asthma, and other chronic conditions…

Suffering with chronic pelvic pain can lead to depression and anxiety.

Chronic pelvic pain can cause changes in the brain that trigger symptoms of depression and anxiety and make the pain worse.

When dealing with chronic pelvic pain, we often start limiting our lives in ways that make us even more unhappy.



Your uterus feels like a hot brick in your abdomen…

Your vagina hollers ‘hell no’ when your friend asks why you haven’t joined the Peloton craze…

You avoid sex because even if it doesn’t hurt during (and it might!) you know it will hurt after…

Therapy for chronic pelvic pain can:

-help promote emotional wellness

-get you back to living the life you want to be living

-re-wire the brain to decrease pain

Living with pelvic pain can feel so isolating. In our sessions, we can talk about anything. We can talk about worries around not being “normal”, grief for the life you thought you would have, and the overwhelm of managing pain with your other obligations.

We can also talk about the things you might feel embarrassed about: painful sex, painful poops, and painful bladder symptoms. 

The pain isn’t just “in your head,” but the things you will learn in our work together will help you cope with the pain.

The goal is to help you learn to self-manage the pain. Together we can find strategies to decrease pain, soothe your nervous system, and get you back control of your life. I use a variety of strategies including education to help you understand what’s going on, therapy to address how you think about and behave in response to pain, relaxation,  and hypnosis.

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