Therapy for women and couples to reconnect to what matters

I work with people who are ready to break cycles of pain

Whether that pain is physical or emotional they’re ready to stop getting stuck in narratives of what their lives “can’t” be.

Health challenges make you feel powerless and alone- like everything is out of your control.

So you stop doing things…

Stop going places…

Stop reaching out to people in your life.

You look up one day and realize your life has become much smaller than you’d ever intended. 

Your relationship has gone off track because you have so many other things going on. It’s hard to connect with your partner and you’re just not in the same place anymore (maybe not even geographically).

It’s hard not to feel betrayed by your body, exhausted with cycles of pain, and all-around disconnected from yourself and your partner.

You feel stuck.

You can find your way back . You can push back against the messages and thoughts saying you can’t have the life you want. We can work together to better understand your condition, manage symptoms, clarify your dreams and get back to doing the things that matter most. 

You can have a vibrant life.

I’d love to help you get there.

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Online therapy can help
Meet Dr. Denman

Meet Dr. D

Dr. Denman is a clinical health and pain psychologist offering virtual services in North Carolina. She is passionate about helping women live full, meaningful lives with chronic health conditions.

Online Individual Therapy

Individual therapy

Online therapy for women coping with pelvic pain & multiple chronic health conditions

Online Couples Therapy

couples therapy

Online therapy for couples coping with concerns related to chronic illness or distance

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